Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quote of the Day

Last night, Tim and I went out for a movie and a bite to eat. This morning I found him in the kitchen with a fork and a big smile as he said, "I ate some of your 'date' food! It was good!" Do you remember your parent's bringing home leftover"date" food, when you'd been left home with a sitter?
What's really funny about the picture are all the things in the background, from Spencer and his current favorite book, to the fly-swatter in Levi's left hand! How/when did he get that down?
Runner-up Quote from Rachel as her Dad had just asked her if she hit her brother: "What, he hit me? It's the Golden Rule! Do unto others..." :)


Mimi said...

The fly swatter kills me!! 100% boy eating with a fly swatter in tow. That rule sounds pretty good to me...being the younger sibling that I am.

Cute Halloween pics!! Yay for blogs.

John Boy said...

I really like Elizabeth and her pouty look on your family pic up top. Really cute. Tell Tim we need to go do some more fort building.

Q Crew said...

Ha! I loved Rachel's Golden Rule comment! Of course it is probably more funny to me since I'm not the parent...just wait until I'm in that situation, I won't think it's so funny anymore :)

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Funny funny kids. They have such personality!