Monday, January 5, 2009

Meeting baby Gavin! This is one of the best moments of my life--with each baby I've had--introducing the new baby to their biggest fans-his/her brothers and sisters. And this time was no exception. Spencer, Rachel, Levi and Elizabeth are all so enamored with their precious baby brother.

Elizabeth loves her baby bro, but notice her grip on my fingers. This is all kind of scary for her, too. She knows somehow that things are changing, and that she doesn't have the same access to mommy right now. She is trying really hard to be careful for mommy's bandaids on her tummy--I showed them to her--but it is upsetting for her. She sat beside me on the couch all evening, with a glowing smile, but with tears in her eyes. It about broke my heart! She'll be OK, though!
First Family Photo!
Taking their first peek at his little hands.
Tim and I brought our little guy home from the hospital last night, in the middle of a beautiful, thick snowstorm. The snow was gone by morning, but it made the drive home that much more memorable. Isn't the sign Tim made cute?! I was very impressed.

I was very grateful to have the blanket wrap that Rachel made for Gavin. He was toasty warm all the way home.

All ready to load up and say farewell to the nice nurses at Valley Hospital in Renton.


Gavin had lots of visitors from friends and family. I do not have pictures of everyone available--Grandma and Grandpa McDonald saw Gavin when he was just a few hours old. My sweet friends Kristin and Jana came, and even Uncle John was able to stop by on his way back from visiting his own wife and daughter in the hospital at Children's where they had to stay a few nights for testing. Hopefully Mimi and Mia are back home again by now!

Aunt Bethy came just in time to help us gather up our things, and get our precious cargo ready to leave the hospital and head for home.

I love this photo of Daddy Tim with his little man. It turns out Gavin is the third of three of our sons to inherit their Dad's olive skin and dark hair. "Tall, dark and handsome" is how we make 'em!

My precious baby.

Love this photo! My sister Anne and I hold our little bundles! Eve and Gavin are just 5 weeks apart! It is fun having a baby the same time as my little sister. I remember when I was newly married, Anne worried that all her older sibs would be done having kids before she got started. I'd say with 5 of us having babies within about a year's time has those worries washed away! :) On Tim's side, all 7 of the children in his family will have had a baby within 15 months of each other. Can you say, hurray for cousins!
I put this photo in for a little perspective--can anybody guess how this guy fit into my belly just a few hours before the photo was taken?

GAVIN THOMAS KOVACS - Our belated Christmas gift!!
We love the name we have given our son. GAVIN was a name that I intially thought of in reference to Christmas--as it ties to the spirit of 'giving'. While he decided to be born in January, we still loved his name, and besides, the Christmas spirit should last all year long! His name also means "White Hawk" and has noble connections to the Knights of the Round Table.
THOMAS is meaningful for us in several ways. It is the name of one of our ancestors on my Grandma Hallmeyer's side, who owned a castle in Ireland centuries ago. Thomas is also the name of our religious leader, our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson--a man whom Tim and I admire and hope our son will be inspired by and feel a special connection to, as he matures into his own personality!
The kids came bringing gifts for their baby brother! Rachel shows him the blanket wrap she sewed for him.


Allyson said...

Love all the new pictures of all the kids with Gavin! He's absolutely adorable and HUGE! How did he fit inside you, Heather?! Hope you're recovering quickly-you look great!

John Boy said...

Too cute. I love the pics of the kids with baby for the first time. THose moments are priceless. The boy is perfect. Congratulations.

John Boy said...

LOVE HIM!! There is something magical about the first time your children meet their new sibling.

John Boy said...

That last comment was Mimi by the way. and the one on the other post. I guess I should just sign myself in ;-)

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

awesome pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Jenn said...

I've been sucked into the cuteness black hole!!! He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E
I can't believe how big he is! Holy cow, you gave birth to a toddler! Look at the size of him. He's going to be recruited by BYU.
I miss your family so much! Take it easy and enjoy these special days!
Love ya,

Rachel said...

Congratulations again! He is handsome! It is so fun to see your kids so excited. You have such an awesome family.

Steph (and Bryant) said...

you look INCREDIBLE Heather! Cute pictures. Your children are beutiful. Congrats!!!

Beth said...

Heather, Congrats! He is darling. I love all of your pictures. That is sweet about Elizabeth holding onto your finger.

Bennett Family said...

Heather he is absolutely beautiful!!! You have such a gorgeous family. Congrats!