Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday-Day 4 Post Op--Big Smiles But More Meds!

So far the news today is that they are going to give Gavin another oral blood pressure medicine--that makes two by mouth and two by IV! Hopefully, by doing this, they can get the BP down, and then they can START to wean off the IV meds. This probably means a couple more days in the ER, because they have to wean the meds off one at a time, by tiny increments and only can do so every 8 hours. As mentioned, they have yet to start weaning him--in fact, today they had to INCREASE one of the IV meds to try to get the BP in the target range. So this is why they are going to give another medication. They are also going to do another ECHO to make sure that there isn't more narrowing of the artery that they aren't seeing--which they don't think is happening, just checking to be sure.

The fact that his BP is so high is unexpected by the doctors-but it just reveals how hard his heart was working to get probably only a little blood through the kinked artery. My nurse has reassured me that, "We always win the (blood pressure) battle!" So that is my mantra to myself these days. Thanks for keeping tabs on us!

The good news is that Gavin is SMILING!!!! He gave me his first set of smiles last night--but today he woke up and was basically one smile after another all morning! He just dazzles me, and all the docs and nurses with that grin! Aunt Bethie got to be witness to some of those grins today, too!

It's a good sign that he is feeling better. No wonder I am feeling calmer today myself!


Leslie Behunin said...

Horray for Gavin! Those smiles are the best - especially since you've gone a few days without them! I'm so glad to hear he is doing well.

Mimi said...

Oh cute!! What a champ. The blood pressure will resolve in no time. I am so glad he is doing so wonderfully.

Brandis said...

I'm so glad things are getting better. I hope his blood pressure continues to improve so he can keep feeling better!

Allyson said...

Can't wait for a picture of one of those smiles. Hope he keeps getting better and better!