Friday, April 3, 2009

Elizabeth is 3!!

Have you ever seen a happier birthday girl? You could almost literally see her soaking up the attention that had been so sparse in the days prior while we were in the hospital. She was so happy and soooo proud to FINALLY be three! And I was so happy her cake turned out! (It is a Barbie pushed into an upside cake-baked-in-a-bowl. I made the wings up an hour before the party! Can't believe it came together!)

Elizabeth had long been planning her "Mariposa" (butterfly fairy) party! It turned out she had to wait longer than the 12 months normally between birthdays, due to Gavin's hospitalization. Needless to say, she was confused as to how she could be three (March 9) when she hadn't had a birthday cake! The babysitters told me about the arguments she was having with her siblings about it and it was one of the hardest things about being at the hospital-she was already having a hard time adjusting to the baby....but, I knew, once we were home, she would have her big day, and her "world" would be right again in more ways than one! (Refer to the photo in the previous post to see how she was feeling on our homecoming day) :)
Following are some highlights of the party---sorry in advance for the sideways photos. I downloaded them before I rotated them and now to fix them I'd have to download ALL of the photos over again-and I am just refusing to do that!)

First, the butterflies were given their wings and danced while we waited for guests to arrive.

Cousins Eli and Isaac were the butterfly kingdom "guards." So cute!

Cousin Cayla made a beautiful butterfly fairy, with "Prince" Levi!

The remainder of the party revolved around enacting our version of the Mariposa story. First, the disguised evil fairy "Henna" (Rachel) poisoned the butterfly queen (Aunt Beebs). Then Prince Carlos (Levi) led Mariposa (Elizabeth) and the other butterfly's on a journey to find the magical flower--the antidote to the poison!

Wouldn't you know it, but the magical flowers were being guarded by the "Skeezites!" Giant butterfly-eating bugs! The girls carefully picked their flowers, making sure not to wake the sleeping bugs (Tim, Spencer and Cameron).

Hurry! They're waking up!


Attack! Throw the "balls of light!" (Foil) Skeezites can't take the Light! (These costumes by the way were a complete surprise to me. Kudos to Tim and the boys! The girls were extremely thrilled by the whole skit--largely due to the half fascination/half fear of the Skeezites!)

Just in time, the butterflies save the Queen with the scent of the magical flowers! (Allergies, Anne? Eve? Are you in there somewhere?) Little side note: I sent Tim to the store that morning for a bouquet of carnations to divvy up for this skit, and he came home with these beautiful little bouquets--turns out the florist at QFC found out what Tim was using the flowers for, and made these up for him all for just $6 total! I was amazed!

Sweet moment with Auntie Beebes.

Getting a little tired at this point. :)
Cozy with Grandma Conway her new blanket for her "big" bed in Rachel's room! (the trundle)


Rachel said...

How Fun. The cake looks awesome!

Shila said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth you deserve it! What a fun time and an amazing cake! I love birthdays!

Allyson said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I really did remember it on the right day, but of course never sent an email and then everything happened with Gavin! So glad for her that she finally got her party and can REALLY be 3. And thanks for the video and pictures/story-it makes us feel a part of it.

Jen said...

What a fun party! Looks like you went all out. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Tammy and Chris said...

Heather- You are so creative!! I am glad life is back to normal for your family and that little Gavin is doing well. Your kids are just the cutest!

Q Crew said...

How fun! Looks like she had a great party!! Such beautiful butterfly fairies and handsome princes and guards! And it looks like the boys enjoyed being Skeezites, too :) Glad everyone got into it and had a fun time! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

I loved that post! Elizabeth has such expression in her face...she was beaming!
How fun that Tim and Spencer (and the other boy :) dressed up like that. I was laughing at how funny that was. What a fun daddy.
And the cake and party idea were so much fun. It all turned out beautiful. Way to go Heather!

Beth said...

Looks like Elizabeth had a fun party. So sorry we missed it.

landstromline said...

Wow... you are such a great mom. I miss you...

jaradoron said...

I just checked your blog, so sorry you had to go through all that hospital stuff, but so glad it is turning out well. There is nothing worse than a sick baby. Your kids look great!! What a fun party!! -- Amber S.from BYU