Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow Up on Gavin

Well, we've been home a week now, and we thought we'd give a short update...everything is going great for Gavin. Today he had his first visit to his official "cardiologist" today. They did a follow-up ECHO and found his aorta healing perfectly from surgery
and the blood is flowing well, etc. As of yesterday we started cutting one
of the doses of meds in half, and his blood pressure is still stable. So
we're moving in a good direction!

He had a stitch from his side removed today (from the wound where the chest
tube came out). He would not hold still and the stitch was embedded and so
he got poked with the scissors and was bleeding. It was a long five minute
ordeal for both of us! I have a follow up visit
with kidney docs later this month (they are the ones monitoring his BP right
now). After his BP regulates, the kidney doctors will "drop" him, but Gavin will always have a cardiologist-to check for recurrance with his coarct and for (rare)complications down the road with his bicuspid aortic valve.

We are keeping a pretty low key pace with regards to other activities this month, which is nice. I pretty much have no obligations during the day except the doctor visits and Gavin's meds, and a few household errands. (Yesterday I took Rachel to get her prescription for her 1st pair of glasses!) In the evenings we have gymnastics and cub/girl Scouts things though, piano wed mornings. But the slower pace during the day is very nice--especially for Elizabeth and I to have plain "old" time together.
I just want to add another quick note of thanks to those reading who may have helped us on the home front while I was at the hospital. So MANY hands helped with child care and meals, even laundry! This all went on without my knowing who did it, as I was away, so there is no way I can properly thank all of you. Please know that your service was of tremendous help to my husband at home and to my peace of mind at the hospital. We look forward to a chance to "pay it forward!" (return the favor)


Anne said...

It was so nice to see you all today! Thank you for stopping by!

landstromline said...

I MISS YOU!!! I am so grateful you have been so blessed. I love you.

Allyson said...

So glad everything is going well for you guys! Thanks for the little update. I need to get some posts up!

John Boy said...

Glad to see you last night. We have been thinking of you and G constantly.

Shila said...

Hi Heather, I am so glad that his surgery is a continued success and hope that things will still heal and work properly. It made the mother in me cringe to hear about him getting poked by the scissors. Poor little guy! Hey I tried to catch you after you left the party last week to give you Rachel's invitation to Alishas b-day party. I know this is just one more thing to add to the schedual so if it is too much don't worry about trying to get her here. It is this friday at 6:00 to 9:00 at our house. Thanks Heather!

Q Crew said...

So glad Gavin is healing well. Every day at dinner, Andrew HAS to say the prayer. No one else is allowed to say it, or even help him anymore (gotta love 2, almost 3, year olds!). Recently he has been including Gavin in every prayer..."Please bless Gavin that he will be safe and strong." Melts my heart every time. I guess he figures Gavin needs to be safe like Daddy, since we always pray that Jake will be safe. Just thought you'd like to know, we're all praying for Gavin, even Andrew :)

Beth said...

Oh, I am so happy that he is home and doing well. What a cutie. Our precious little babies are so dear to us.

Jenn said...

You were in my thoughts today! I'm so grateful to see Gavin home!!! Your children are beautiful and growing too quickly! I miss you!