Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Fun at Gma's House

(Posted By: Rachel)
Face painting was a great hit! Aunt Beebes is an awesome face painter. 
 My cousins, Peyton, Makayla, and Cayla, and I got a smoke bomb or American flag on our left cheek, USA on our right cheek, and BYU on our fore-head. We begged her to put a mustache and goatee on us but she refused and said that our parents would not like it if she did that. 
 Elizabeth and her firecracker.
 Gavin making a cat face with his "blue cat" complete with red whiskers and white eyes! Great imagination!
 Here's the face paint freaks!
Rachel, Cayla, Peyton
  Dad and Levi were always down at the "launch pad"/ sports court together so my dad could make sure Levi didn't blow up!
 Here we're singing happy birthday to Atreyu/ Bunkin Boy! Notice the smashed cake. ;(
 Birthday people! Brandon was trying to make Peyton (his daughter) blowout his candle 'cause apparently he doesn't have birthdays anymore. He ended up lighting her candle with his every time she blew it out!
Uncle Brandon, Peyton, Cayla, Levi, Aunt Bethie 

My mom was trying desperately to get this picture but every time she let go of Trey to snap the picture, he would go running laugh hysterically over his shoulder at the 'game' of chase till she caught him and then do the same thing when she let go again! Meanwhile Wesley is just standing perfectly still like a good little boy. She finally got this picture of Trey laughing with Wesley looking a little annoyed. :) 


Kirsten said...

The 4th was so fun last year with you guys! It was pretty quiet around here this year.

Mary Anne said...

Fun times! Keep on posting!