Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Memories!!

(Posted by Rachel)
Wednesday morning our ward had a 4th of July breakfast completed by a parade.

 Levi had fun racing with his buddy Treyson. Carter is in the front there. Gavin's friend's dad brought out his go cart car thing you see in the backround.
 I wasn't sure if I was going to do the parade because there are only two poeple in my church class that go to primary and the other person dosn't come very often so I wasn't sure if I was going to be the only one my age doing it. But lo and behold that one other girl showed up and brought her bike to do the parade with me.  
 Gavin was having a blast with his scooter. He actually goes pretty fast on that thing!
Elizabeth's bike fell off of our bike trailor on some highway back in Utah on Sunday so she had to share Gavin's scooter even if Gavin wasn't so thrilled with that.

Gavin's dream came true when got to ride in the car!

 When we got home I started to make a cake for Grandma Conway's party. It was a cake made out of cupcakes.
Good thing we took a picture before we left because sadly the stupid car in front of us, three minutes before we got there, abruptly slowed down and my dad had to slow too so the cake slid off the pan and onto the floor of the car. Luckily most of them weren't face down so when we got to Grandma's house just put back together and they tasted the same!  

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Mary Anne said...

What a fun Fourth of July! I'm glad someone else came to ride in the parade with you. And that cake is so fun! You did a great job on it, even if it slid off the pan (sad story by the way). Thanks for posting, I hope there will be a post from the family reunion soon ;) love you Rachel!