Thursday, January 19, 2012

Freezing Rain Hits!

Yesterday after the world's best snowball fight--freezing rain hit Maple Valley...actually, it was more like 24 hour freezing drizzle that created what seems like a 1/2 inch coating of ice over every little thing outside. The cars were completely coated in the ice....branches have been breaking off of trees--actually trees are being ripped in half from the weight of the ice--causing power outages all over town. We still have power. We have been enjoying our week of no school...movies by the fireside, games, crafts, warm food. Tonight Tim is reading the final chapter of Harry Potter v. 4 to Levi and Rachel...and we plan to snuggle in and watch the movie when they're done!  Here are some photos from today:
This rhodie branch is falling over with the weight of the ice.

 You can see the ice really well on the carrot nose.
 The trampoline webbing was completely solid.
 The front can see the remains of our forts from yesterday's snowball fight.
 Well, the bunny is still alive!
 Chickens too!

This kind of turned into a tour of our backyard! The fine structure you see here is the chicken coop Tim  built last year.

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