Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uncle John, Jensen and Ellie Vist from Utah!!!!!

We couldn't have been more happy to see John and his kiddos last weekend....we got to spend lots of time with them and it was so nice to connect my brother and his cute kids!  We missed seeing Mimi and Mia and Sam, though! It will be great to see them all this summer!

The weekend started with a wonderful dinner with John, and my Dad, Carol and siblings.
 Saturday, we had a wonderful family dinner at my mom's house. I failed to take any pictures at all that night! A highlight of the night was setting fire to Gma's Christmas trees. A bonfire in the was pretty cool. The kids had a great time sliding around on the sports court while we cleaned up after dinner. Then we played a group game of 'Do You Love Your Neighbor' and then took turns showing off various 'tricks.' It was great fun. Elizabeth enjoyed some quite time coloring with Ellie after everyone else was gone. Wish I had more pictures of them together.  We have quite a few of Jensen, since he was able to spend the night Sunday night with us!
 The kids had fun watching each other play Jensen's new DSi.

 There was lots of wrestling and horsing around too! These two boys are like two peas from the same pod...they just get along so well! It was fun to see their friendship pick up right where they 'left off.'
 Despite what you might one ended up crying after this wrestling match!
 It was good times all around...and the boys didn't mind Elizabeth joining in on the fun! She misses Jensen and Ellie as much as Levi.
A 'sticky' breakfast gave us the calories we'd use for a morning of sledding!

 We are sledding on the nearby Maple Valley Golf fun!!!
 Rachel brought her best friend, Kalani along for some snow fun!
 Rachel's specialty: sucking snow off of branches! Who knew?
 Spencer on the sneak attack!
Jensen worked hard on this fort....the snow wasn't cooperating well....but his hard work paid off!
 On Monday, John's last day in town...we met him and Anne's and Beth's families and Gma Conway for an afternoon of bowling! I am holding Gavin and my nephew, Luke--Anne's baby. John is holding Beth's youngest, Leah.

 Gavin loved bowling!
 Elizabeth, too!
I think Gavin loved his cup of water best of all!
 Rachel and Makayla
 The Mob. By the way....I won the 'grownups' game with 130 points!
 Saying goodbye was not fun. Especially for Grandma.
OK, well, the boys make it look easy here! Seriously, it was hard to say goodbye. We love you so very much!!  Sometimes it hurts to think about the miles that separate our families, Johnboy. We love you and Mimi and are glad that she blogs so much that we are able to share part of your life. Hopefully I'll blog more often, too.

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Mimi said...

love love love this post! Thanks so much for taking all of these wonderful pictures... which I will promptly steal :-)

I am so sad I couldn't come! I miss you guys... and seeing all the kids. Thanks so much for having them. See you soon.. big hugs!