Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gavin's 3rd Birthday!

I can't believe my baby is 3! He is a little guy--compared to all my other kiddos--so that means he's probably about 50th percentile--which is perfect, of course! We measured him on the wall and he is seems to be exactly 3' tall that's 1" shorter than Elizabeth at age 3, and 4" shorter than Levi's age 3. You can see on this photo that it took Liz a whole year to catch up to her brother's 3 yr height! It would be better for his heart if he is smaller in stature than his siblings....but I guess only time will tell!

The cake is a green version of Lightening McQueen's Mac. :)  As you may notice while reading this post, Gavin is passionate about anything 'Cars' related! He also loves the movie 'Speed Racer' and has named all his hotwheels cars 'Mach 5' or 'Mach 3 or 4'....but ever since Uncle David sent Cars 2 for Christmas, he has been ALL about McQeen. After a quick google search...I found this sweet Mac cake idea! Since Santa had brought a green semi, Mac has a fresh coat  of paint for the party (he's normally red, if you are not up on your Cars trivia).  Rachel and Levi baked 2 chocolate cakes and I cut them into 3 long sections, stacked them, and cut out little 'windows' so that you could see inside that the trailer was carrying some pretty cool cars! He loved his cake. I frosted the cake during the dead of night, and then placed it on the highest shelf in my room--so that the Oreo wheels would make it to the party. :)

I loved how, within moments of bringing the cake out, the kids had placed all varieties of cars next to and in front of it...the semi looked like it was moving in freeway traffic!

We played a group game of Guesstures--my favorite game for including players of all ages! It was great to have our friends the Garcia and Williams families there to celebrate with us. And Grandma and Grandpa Conway-who drove the farthest to be there!

Present time was just precious. He was so purely tickled and you've thought he'd just caught the winning touchdown pass each time he opened a gift! And he was full of cute remarks, like..."Are you kidding me?!" or "Yes!" or "Holy K-Molie!" 

Perhaps his favorite toys were these mini Cars that can slide onto a spring-loaded launcher (one that a 3 yr old can actually manipulate!)  He has nick-named these cars his "Blast-offs." I love these two pics!

Make a wish!

Family shot!

Silly shot!

My baby.

We both love you so much, Gavin. Your brothers and sisters adore you. You keep us smiling and laughing, and running around the house all day! I love how your favorite meal is PB&J sandwiches but only if they are cut into cookie cutter shapes...I love how you have a special ritual at bedtime that includes the exact order of which light is turned on first, by whom, etc.  I love that you are so bright--you have your colors down packed and some letters even! I love how when you tell me "I have a snowball" means you need a diaper change. :) I love the python-tight body hugs that you readily give. And the way you like to rub the back of your hand in my neck (some kids just suck their thumb!) is cute too--even though sometimes I have to beg you to 'be soft!' :)  You are a blessing to us, sweet baby Gavin!

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Kirsten said...

Yay! I was hoping you would post after you mentioned the cake in the email! I love all the tidbits about him. So fun! Happy Birthday, "Baby Gavin"! (Pretty sure he will always be known by that by Trevor!)