Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Babies, Bellies & other Christmas photos

Baby News! But not mine--yet!
Last Wed., Elizabeth and I went to meet my sister Anne's new baby girl, Eve, who was born on Thanksgiving. My brother Taylor's wife had their first son on Nov. 7th--the same day Tim's sister Allyson gave birth to her 4th son! A few days later, on Nov. 10th, our precious little Mia (John and Mimi's 5 month old) recieved her long-awaited heart transplant--it's like a new birth, for her! On that same day, my Gma Shirley Hallmeyer passed away. I do miss her profoundly but it was a gift of joy thinking of her in heaven with Grandpa and most likely standing in line for their turn to nurture the baby who had died that day and given Mia life.

With all these babies born--I guess it's my turn next! I have just over 2 weeks till my due date on the 26th, and had an ultrasound today which determined that our little guy will most likely not be needing Newborn-size diapers! They guess that he is currrently about 9 lbs. Spencer is hoping that the baby doesn't break his own record of being my biggest baby at 10 lbs 8 oz. Only time will tell!
We've had a very busy November, and a very blessed one. I'm still not great at blogging, and still feel it's even less personal than email in a way--but it is fun to be able to record a few memories of all the happy occasions in our lives. Thanks for taking interest in our news, and sharing your with us! (Someday I'll learn how to put links on my blog to all the blogs we follow!)

We were sitting for our neighbors that night--so the little guy in cacky pants is not Liz's secret twin!

They make a great team!

Christmas with little ones is so much fun!
Baby brother's Santa hat was the first ornament on the tree. We decided to try it "on" him for a photo--just in case he misses his own "1st Christmas"!
Elizabeth will love this photo someday. :)

With dinner delivered to Anne, the tree decorated, the kids in bed, Gma and Gpa Kovacs arriving in two days for Rachel's baptism, it's time to finish the zipper on Rachel's dress!

Oh how the kids LOVED having Grandma and Grandpa visit this weekend! The girls loved the tickle wars, and the boys (and Gpa) were seriously getting into the dart gun wars while Gma and I prepared food for Rachel's baptism the next day.

Singing with Grandma at the piano was a highlight for all of us, too. Spencer and Rachel each took a turn playing, too.
Thanks for coming to visit us Mom and Dad! The kids loved finding the gifts under the tree when you had left! Levi even slept with his wrapped package! They can't wait to open them.



A change of Heart said...

I am so glad you are blogging... look at what I'd be missing!!! Email, Eshmail! ;-) I love the pic with the Santa hat- your belly is perfect. Did you decide on a name yet? Gavin maybe? The countdown is on!!!

Still... very impressed you made her dress. I need to get you her little gifties- maybe I'll just mail them.

Levi kills me- did you get a pic of him sleeping with his box? That is priceless. Christmas is soooo much more fun as a mom.

Anne said...

I never told you how scruptious your dinner was. I finished off all of the leftovers myslef. Dillon especialyly loed the cookies. He confessed to me that he likes them better than Mom's famous recipe that I use. (I am assuming Mom will never read this) he he. I'll have to get the recipe you use. All of your pics are adorable. Especially Liz bathing in the sink!

Allyson said...

Heather, you blog like me-in large groups at a time! Love it! Thanks for all the updates. They're great. I'm working on a few more. Have that baby soon! p.s. Happy birthday, Tim! I meant to email it, then got sidetracked at was looking at baby Mia's update, and then never wrote the email.

Breanna said...

HOW FUN! I just adore your little family so much! I can't wait to see your cute new baby!!!Love ya!

Chris & Tammy said...

Yay, you finally blogged!!! I love your pictures and updates. You are soo cute pregnant! Your kids are so adorable. We will have to get together after the holidays. I am trying to finish up my semester of school work that consumes so much of my time.. and of course it is fun being a mom.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

wow! you guys sure have been having lots happening lately...i guess that's just a regular occurrence around your house! how interesting that all those babies were born, or given new life, and also your grandma passing at the same time. Life is an interesting thing. I'm glad your grandma is home with her sweetheart.

I love that you put the Santa hat on your belly...hopefully baby gets here in time to wear it for Christmas! We'll cross our fingers.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh yeah...i forgot to comment on a couple pictures. first, your belly is so beautiful! that sounds weird, but the last thing I would have ever wanted was a bare belly picture because...well can you say stretch marks? but five kids looks good on your belly! Also, the tree is beautiful, and you did such a great job on Rachel's dress. okay, I think that's all for this post!