Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec. 2--Tim turned 35!

Tim started off celebrating his big 3-5 bday with a gruelingly fun Saturday of paintball with his buddies. That grin you see in the photo is left over from the day before! I loved hearing about how much fun he had.
Sunday, the 30th, we continued his bday party with a turkey dinner just for him (we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving, so we didn't get to have any leftovers.) Geting home from church at 4:30, we had time to eat, and to sing to him and "help" him blow out the flaming pie, before we rushed off to choir practice for the kids (they had a part in a church event last week), hometeaching for Tim and a song rehearsal for Enrichment night for me. Later that evening, we did finally get to eat a piece of the pie, and give him a few gifts.


"Cornered!" (and defenseless!)
I love this photo. The kids' current favorite activity is dart gun wars with Daddy--that and "wrestle" time. Tim has also taken up reading the Narnia series to the kids. It's cute that I have to remind him sometimes that it's time for the kids to go to bed--they get so wrapped up in the books!
I just want to add a peronal note to Tim to tell him what a great Dad he is. He is the BEST--he is good at being playful, great about teaching the kids, and so supportive of me. The kids all adore him--almost as much as I do. Truly, Tim, you are my single, greatest blessing and our relationship brings me so much joy-straight to the core of my being. I hope that you felt my love and the kids' love for you on your special day.


A change of Heart said...


Happy birthday!! John told me all about paintball. You two. Hope it was the best birthday yet.

Shila said...

Heather what a geat tribute to Tim!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday big brother! sorry that we didn't call or anything. I'm totally lame in the birthday department. But Heather I have to agree that you have yourself a catch there. But it's only fair because he has one amazing wife!