Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rachel's 8th Birthday -- A "Recipe" for Success!

Rachel and I had fun planning out the details for her "Cooking Party" together. She had a perfect party with her cousins, friends from Primary and siblings!

Rachel's cake is an "Apron cake" that matches the one she is wearing.

Chef Rachel!

Something must have been in the pizza sauce!

What's a party without a best friend to share it with?
Rachel and Kalani

What would life be like without cousins! Rachel is blessed with the best! She only wishes she could see all of them more often!
Peyton, Alisha, Rachel & Savannah

This game was called "Blindfold the Chef"--a timed exercise to see how many marshmellows each person could transfer from bowl to bowl within 30 seconds.

This is the apron I sewed for Rachel. She will definitely be able to "grow" into it! It is sentimental because I made it from a fabric remnant I received from my Grandma, Shirley Hallmeyer, who passed away on Nov. 10. She was a well-reknowned cook herself--and seamstress. I hope Rachel always feels a connection to her!
Making pizzas!


Shila said...

Alisha had so much fun at this party! You have such creative ideas for birthdays!

Allyson said...

Hope you had a happy birthday Rachel! And congratulations on getting baptized, too!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Happy birthday Rachel! Looks like that party was pretty fun! What a great idea to have a cooking party. The cake is such a unique idea too. I've never seen one like it!