Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rachel's Baptism Day-Dec. 6th

Rachel had a perfect baptism day.
Her smile was every bit a part of her day as her white dress.

Rachel was baptized and confirmed by her Dad.

Our beautiful girl. We are so proud of her and the righteous desires of her heart to follow the Savior. She wants to follow the Savior's plan for her, and to be a member of his Church. Rachel has been given a heart that is very sensitive to the Spirit and a strong desire to live righteously. She understands much , and as she learns to listen and seek after the promptings of the Holy Ghost and follow them, she will continue to be blessed in her life. What a precious daughter she is to us!

Spencer, Levi and Elizabeth have all been looking forward to this day for their sister. They've been participating the baptism-themed FHE nights and even participated in the baptism program, as they sang with Rachel the Primary song called "Baptism" while Gma Kovacs accompanied them on the piano. Gma Conway gave a perfect talk on Baptism and Gpa Kovacs offered a prayer.
Rachel's day was further blessed by the support of many family and friends--some of whom are pictured here.

All of Rachel's grandparents were there to support her decision to be baptized (except Gpa Conway who was sick from chemo)--even Gma and Gpa Kovacs from Arizona!

Doesn't Rachel resemble her Gma Conway? Two beautiful faces!
It meant SO much to have Gma and Gpa McDonald there, too!
Sisters In White

Elizabeth was thrilled to be dressed in white, just like her older sister. While I sewed Rachel's dress, Liz's is a hand-me down from our neighbor. She calls it her "wedding dress." Enjoy the photo shoot Grandma Conway had...


A change of Heart said...

She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a special day. I am so proud of her! You made that dress???? FANCE. Liz looks darling too.

Kirsten said...

What a beautiful girls all dressed in white! I've always thought Rachel looked like your mom...that photo really shows it!

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

Darling pictures!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

yeah Rachel! What a special day, and she looked so beautiful in white! I'm glad Gramma and Granpa Kovacs could go, and wish we could have been there too! Rachel really really does look like your Mom! I've never realized that before.