Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spencer's Happenenings

Spencer performed in his school 4th grade concert tonight. He did a super job with all the songs on the recorder, and genuinely had a good time singing all the holiday songs.
His big news of the month, however, is his glasses! He just got them on Thursday! We had no idea until this month that he needed them--he loves being able to see clearly in school. He didn't realize what he was missing out on, either!
Spencer and his Dad built "The Black Pearl" together for the Cub Scout boat races in Nov.
He and his buddies, Matthew and Kaleb, all pretty much cleaned house with their catarmans--and boy are they proud of it!

Spencer proved to have excellent wind-blowing technique and came in 2nd overall for the Bears!


Allyson said...

Tyler never learned the recorder in 4th grade! (I remember I did-I even still have mine!) He is learning it now to play with a few other kids in the Honor Choir for their Christmas performance. He also designed his pinewood derby car like a ship! Congratulations Spencer!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Way to go Spencer! So many talents!